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20.11.2017 22 Years Since the Resumption of Moscow-Khabarovsk Flights

17 November 1995, the first regular passenger flight Moscow-Khabarovsk-Moscow was performed by one of the biggest Russian Airlines “Aeroflot”.

 April 1959, Aeroflot launched flights Moscow-Khabarovsk (stopping in Novosibirsk) on the largest and fastest passenger plane of that time, Tupolev Tu-114 (turboprop-powered, able to accommodate 170 passengers). 8 January 1974, it was replaced by  Ilyushin IL-62, which was able to accommodate 186 passengers.

After the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the flight on this route had not been performed for 4 years. Only on 17 November 1995 it was resumed using Ilyushin IL-62 MK aircraft (able to accommodate 195 passengers).

Since that time 8,5 thousand flights, carrying 1000 ton of cargo and about two million passengers, has been performed on the route.

Nowadays Aeroflot operates Moscow-Khabarovsk flights twice a day on Boeing 777-300 aircraft.