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02.02.2018 New daily bus route Blagoveshensk – Birobidzhan – Khabarovsk

A new bus route, connecting Blagoveshensk with Khabarovsk, will start operation on February 5. The route is planned to be operated daily. According to the schedule, the bus will depart from Blagoveshensk at 11:20 am and arrive to Khabarovsk at 23:30 pm, making stops in Belogorsk and Birobidzhan, the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region. Travel time on route is 12:10 hours. The vehicle type is a 43-seat Hyundai bus.

Currently there are two night bus routes and one day bus route, connecting Blagoveshensk with Khabarovsk.

Blagoveshensk, with the population of 200 thousand people, is located on the bank of the Amur River, at the borderline between Russia and China. The distance between Blagoveshensk and Khabarovsk is 694 km.