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21.03.2018 Vernal Equinox Celebration in Khabarovsk

In the times of Ancient Rus’ equinoxes were marked by special holidays and rituals. The Komoeditsy , or the so called “the bear holiday”, was  celebrated on March 24 , the day before the Christian holiday of Annunciation and coincided with the belief that the bear emerged from its den at this time. The holiday is still celebrated by many people in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In Khabarovsk this holiday celebrations will take place on March 25 on the territory of the housing society “Blago” at Kalarasha 13 Street, at 3pm.

Visitors will enjoy watching ancient Slavic rituals, traditional dancing, archery tournament, horseback riding, playing traditional games and quizzes. The event aims to attract people to Slavic culture and national traditions.