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10.05.2018 Victory Day in Khabarovsk

May 9, the Victory Day celebrations took place all over Russia. The holiday commemorating the end of the Second World War and the victory over Nazi Germany was traditionally widely celebrated in Khabarovsk as well.

The day began with a military parade, held with the participation of about two thousand military people and more than 100 types of military hardware. The parade marched to Glory Square to lay wreaths to the Eternal Flame of the Memorial Complex featuring more than 47,000 names of residents of the Khabarovsk Territory who died during the Second World War.

After the parade the “Immortal Regiment” marched the central street of Khabarovsk. More than 60 thousand people, carrying flowers and portraits of their ancestors who fought in World War II, took part in the event.

During the day city guests and citizens had a chance to visit an exhibition of military hardware and armaments, organized at the Amur River embankment and to try the real soldier’s porridge.

The Victory Day celebrations were finished with a firework, launched from the Amur River embankment.



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