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22.05.2018 “Pushkin's Ball” in Khabarovsk

A spectacular event, dedicated to a famous Russian poet of the 19th century, will take place in Khabarovsk on June 2.

 The event, under the title “Pushkin's Ball”, will begin at 1pm at Severny Park, located in the northern district of Khabarovsk.

The whole park territory will be involved in a big performance imitating the Pushkin’s epoch. In different parts of the park visitors will have a chance to enjoy gypsy’s songs and dancing, performances of strolling artists, and a concert of Russian romance. Children will get acquainted to the heroes of Pushkin’s fairytales and be involved in a poem contest, different games and entertainments.

A magnificent parade of Pushkin’s characters led by the poet himself will be held at 3pm.

Access to the event is free.