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19.06.2018 New Circus Program in Khabarovsk

June 30 – July 29, the Khabarovsk Circus Arena hosts the “Adrenalin” Circus, with their new program “Predator”. The show will be performed in two acts.

The program includes: Algerian lions, camels, ponies, exotic animals, extreme cycling, Brazilian motorcycle stunt riders and so on.

The performance schedule:

30/07 (Saturday) at 5pm

01/07 (Sunday) at 5pm

07/07 (Saturday) at 1pm and 5pm

08/07 (Sunday) at 5pm

14/07 (Saturday) at 1pm and 5pm

15/07 (Sunday) at 5pm

21/07 (Saturday) at 1pm and 5pm

22/07 (Sunday) at 5pm

28/07 (Saturday) at 1pm and 5pm

29/07 (Sunday) at 5pm