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25.10.2018 New circus Program in Khabarovsk

Oct 27-Nov 25  the Khabarovsk Circus Arena presents a new show "Art to be friends" . Trained boars, mouflons and buffaloes are waiting for young residents of Khabarovsk. Actors of the Russian state circus company take part in the program, many of them can be called the legends of domestic and world circus.

The performance schedule

27/10 (Saturday) at 4pm


281/10 (Sunday) at noon and at 4pm

03/11 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm

04/11 (Sunday) at noon and 4pm

05/11 ( Monday) at 2pm

10/11 (Saturday) at 4pm

11/11 (Sunday) at noon and at 4pm

17/11 (Saturday) at 4pm

18/11 (Sunday) at 4pm

24/11 (Saturday) at 4pm

25/11 (Sunday) at 3pm