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11.03.19 New Circus program in Khabarovsk

 March  16 r- April 14, the Khabarovsk Circus Arena hosts  the Moscow Nikulin Circus  and its star cast -the world-famous tiger tamers  Artur  and  Karina Bagdasarov  ,

with the new program “Planet -13”. The program includes: trapeze artists, acrobats, illusionists, rope-walkers , clowns  and the  extreme number with tigers


The performance schedule:


16/03  (Saturday) at 4pm


17/03 (Sunday) at 2pm


23/03 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm


30/03 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm


31/03 (Sunday)  at noon and 4pm


06/04 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm


07/04  (Sunday) at noon  and 2 pm


13/04 (Saturday)  at 4pm


14/04  (Sunday) at 4 pm