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02.02.2012 A New International River Crossing Terminal To Be Constructed in Khabarovsk.

The government of Khabarovskii Krai has chosen an area in Khabarovsk for constructing a new river crossing terminal for tourists who take round trips to China. The capacity of the present international river port terminal does not correspond to the volume of passengers. 24 vessels and over 1 thousand passengers are registered there every day. According to the project,the new crossing terminal will be located on the embankment of the Amur River near Industrialnaya and Pionerskaya streets. It will be able to accept 40 vessels and 2 thousand passengers a day. The financing is expected to be 508 million rubles (16.5 million US dollars). The project examination and construction are planed to begin this year. The opening of the project is due to May, 2013.