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16.02.2012 15.9 Thousand Foreign Tourists Visited Khabarovsk in 2011

As informs, the flow of inbound tourists in Khabarovskii Krai for 2011 reached 15.9 thousand people. The number does not include foreigners who traveled to Khabarovsk on business or as guest workers. The leading position belongs to Japan – 4.4 thousand tourists. Japan also takes the first place according to the amount of tourism expenses. Then goes China – 2 thousand tourists and the Republic of Korea – 1.3 thousand tourists. Thus, almost half of all the foreign tourists who visited Khabarovskii Krai (more than 48%) were tourists from these three countries.
The number of people who travel to Russian as tourists or on business is expected to raise. In order to develop tourism exchange and trade, the Russian government is discussing the terms of visa regime simplification for inbound tourists and businessmen who travel to Russia from the Republic of Korea and Japan.
According to statistics for the last year given by “Intour-Khabarovsk”, the biggest tourism company, it accepted more than 7 thousand foreign tourists and businessmen, 3100 of which were from Japan.