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22.03.2013 Japanese Movie Festival in Khabarovsk

A Japanese Movie Festival takes place in a Khabarovsk cinema “Gigant” on March, 20-23.

Five feature films are presented to the audience: “After The Flowers,2010”, “Shodo Girls, 2010”, “Villon's Wife, 2009” ,“From me to you, 2010”  and “Nabbie's Love,1999”.


The Festival program:

March,20 (Wednesday)

18:00 Opening Ceremony
18:20 “After The Flowers,2010” (The Big Hall)

March,21 (Thursday)

18:30 “Shodo Girls, 2010”(The Small Hall)

March,22 (Friday)

18:30 “Villon's Wife, 2009” (The Small Hall)

March,23 (Saturday)

15:00 ,“From me to you, 2010”  (The Small Hall)
18:30 “Nabbie's Love,1999”(The New Hall)