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30.09.2013 Wild Boar startles people in the Center of Khabarovsk


September, 26 Khabarovsk citizens were startled by a wild boar, which appeared in the center of Khabarovsk. The animal came the way from the Amur River bank to the Central Market, where it ruined a few kiosks, before was shot by gamekeepers.


The boar crossed the Amur River from Bolshoi Ussuri Island or Khehtsir Nature Reserve, police says.


It was the first time a wild boar was killed in the center of the city. According to police, the animal posed real threat to people.


A similar accident happened last year on October, 17. A wild boar crossed the river and was seen near Intourist Hotel. That time the animal escaped without harming anyone.



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