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14.10.2013 Crown of the Russian Empire Copy to be Exhibited in Khabarovsk

A new masterpiece of jewelry – a Copy of the Crown of the Russian Empire is travelling around the Far East of Russia.

For the first time he copy was presented at the end of last year on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the creation of the original Crown of the Russian Empire. It has already travelled to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and is expected to be brought to Khabarovsk soon.

The original crown, created in 1762, was thoroughly studied by 60 jewelers and nearly one thousand cutters, who were working on the creation of the copy.

The Crown was one of the most precious things that used to belong to the Imperial Court.

Due to the fact that silver gets darker with time, jewelers decided to use white gold 585 in their work.

The base of the crown is made of five thousand gold pieces soldered with laser.
The crown is decorated with rubellite (348.71 carats), 50 * 2.5 mm in size , 11,352 natural diamonds, imported from Yakutia, as well as 74 sea pearls.


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