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29.10.2013 Three Pygmy Goats Arrived at Khabarovsk Zoological Garden

At the end of October Khabarovsk Zoological Garden accepted new animals – three pygmy goats. The animals were brought from Kaliningrad.

The natural habitat of pygmy goats is considered to be Cameroon, West Africa. The animals weight about 20-35 kg, they are 40-50 cm tall, the body length is about 60-70 cm. Their color range from black,  white and brown.

Pygmy goats were brought to the USA in 1950. Due to its calm character they were widely kept as pets.

Khabarovsk Zoological garden is situated 20 km far from Khabarovsk, in the picnic area, and is considered to be one of the most interesting places for tourists to visit around Khabarovsk.

The Zoological Garden was founded in 2002; it occupies about 6 hectares and possesses a big variety of animals, representatives of the Far Eastern nature. Among them: Amur tigers, brown bears, lynxs, a polar bear, reindeers, roe deers, wolves, foxes, a white-tailed sea eagle, an eagle owl. About 100,000 tourists visit the Zoological Garden a year.

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