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05.11.2013 Khabarovsk Airport Launches New Flight

A new flight CRJ-200, Khabarovsk – Ulan-Ude – Irkutsk, will be put into operation at Khabarovsk Airport from November 13.

The flight will be carried out by “IrAero” Airlines.

The flight from Khabarovsk schedule (Thursday):

Khabarovsk (departure at 8:30 pm) – Ulan-Ude (arrive at 9:20 pm):Ulan-Ude (departure at 10:10 pm) – Irkutsk (arrive at 10:50 pm)

The flight to Khabarovsk schedule (Wednesday):

Irkutsk (departure at 6:45 am) – Ulan-Ude (arrive at 7:25 am):Ulan-Ude (departure at 8:20 am) – Khabarovsk (arrive at 1:30 pm)