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13.11.2013 Monument to “Katyusha” Song Heroine

The opening ceremony of the monument to the heroine of the Russian song “Katyusha” was held in Vladivostok on November 11.

About 100 people, including the mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, city citizens and foreign students participated in the event.

According to the researchers, the prototype of the song heroine was Ekaterina Alexeeva, who was born in Vladivostok in a family of watch maker.

The monument was created by a sculpture Konstantin Novikov. The image of Katyuusha was chosen from 8 variants via internet poll.

The music to the song “Katyusha” was created in 1938 by a soviet composer Matvey Blanter, while lyrics were written by Mikhail Isakovsky.

The song gained  popularity during World War II and is as well know as "Moscow Nights " and "Kalinka" not only in Russia but also in foreign countries like Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam.

The song was translated in various languages.