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05.08.2014 Lotus Bloom Season in Khabarovsk

The lotus bloom season started in Khabarovsk in the end of July. This year the first lotus flowers began to bloom on a lake in Galkino village, located 30 km from Khabarovsk. Now the lake has become the most favorite place for photographers, who come there constantly for making photosets. Once a year lakes located in Khabarovsk neighborhood get dressed in a fabulous pink garment of lotus flowers. The blooming season usually starts in the end of July or the beginning of August and lasts for about two weeks.

After Glacial Period Lotus flowers (Scientific name: Nelumbo komarovii) could survive and adjust itself to new climate conditions in this territory.

Now lotus lakes are considered to be one of the seven wonders of Khabarovsk territory. The flowers can reach a diameter of 30 sm.

Along with the Amur and Ussuri River basin areas (Khabarovsk, Amursky Territory and Jewish Autonomous Region) lotus flowers grow in Astrakhan Territory on Volga River.