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31.10.2014 203 Meters High Skyscraper in Khabarovsk

Closed joint-stock company “Smena Trading” is planning the construction of a new skyscraper in Khabarovsk. The building with 50 floors and the total area of 74 thousand square meters is expected to be 203 meters high and is provisionally estimated at 200 million dollars.

The construction is due to begin in June 2015, deadlines are not determined yet.

As the head of the company say, the portion of the financing will be provided by foreign investors, who need offices in the region. The names of these companies are not known yet.

The project includes six floors of "public area", a 7th storey hotel complex with 99 rooms, and a café at the roof. The rest of the space is supposed to be occupied by offices.

Nowadays, “Novy Kvartal” business center, which is 100 meters high, is considered to be the highest building in Khabarovsk.