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30.01.2015 Bandy World Championship to Start in Khabarovsk Soon

Bandy World Championship is going to start in Khabarovsk on February, 1.

February 1-6, Khabarovsk Erofey Arena is hosting competitions for Group «B», which includes teams from Japan, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Netherlands, Mongolia, Germany and Somalia. Teams from Russia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Finland, Norway, Belarus, USA and Latvia, which compose Group «A», will compete on March 29 - 31.

Tickets for Group «B» games are already evaluable, while the tickets’ sale for Group «B» games will start on February, 1.

It will be the second time for Khabarovsk to host Bandy World Championship. In 1981 Khabarovsk became the first city in the Asian part of Eurasia to host the championship.


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