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22.05.2015 “The Amur Waves 2015” Brass Band Festival in Khabarovsk

14 brass bands from Russia, Kazakhstan and Korea will participate in “The Amur Waves” Festival, which is traditionally held once a year in Khabarovsk.

This year the festival begins on May 25 with the two concerts held in Khabarovsk Philharmonic Concert Hall and Khabarovsk Musical Theatre. May 26 - 28 performances will take place at Khabarovsk Glory Square.

“The Amur waves" is one of the brightest and most significant events in the cultural life of the capital of the Far East of Russia. It is just three years that the festival is being held in Khabarovsk, but it has already gained popularity not only among citizens but outside the Far East as well.


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