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19.04.2016 First Tomatoes Harvested in Khabarovsk Greenhouses

The greenhouse complex, which was built near Khabarovsk with the participation of investments of the Japanese company JGC Corporation, produced the first harvest of tomatoes.

Three of the four types of tomatoes, planted on the “territory of advancing social and economic development” bore fruit and were put up for sale in the company’s shops. The product is expected to arrive on shelves in the nearest future.

In addition, two types of cucumbers are already being harvested on the territory of industrial park “Avangard”.

On April 6, a new salad crops cultivation factory was put into operation in Khabarovsk as well. Thanks to Japanese technologies, salad leaves’ ripening period became several times shorter. Thus, Khabarovsk citizens will have a chance to enjoy fresh greens all the year round.