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28.04.2016 Victory Day Celebration in Khabarovsk

Preparations for celebrating the 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany are already being held in Khabarovsk. Traditionally, the holiday is celebrated on May 9, and starts with a military parade, which is held in all the big cities at 10 am.

In Khabarovsk the event traditionally takes place at Lenin Square. This year almost 2 thousand military people and 90 units of military equipment are expected to participate in the parade. Among military equipment visitors will have a chance to see 20 cars referring to the Great Patriotic War and the postwar years, the legendary T-34 tank and Katyusha multiple rocket launchers of the BM-9 and BM-13 system.

In the evening the celebration will be finished with a festive firework.


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