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25.05.2016 “The Amur Waves” Brass Bands Festival

 “The Amur Waves” Brass Bands Festival

An international Brass Bands Festival “The Amur Waves” takes place in Khabarovsk from May 26 till June 1.

“The Amur Waves” festival is the biggest musical brass bands show in the Far East of Russia, which, in its scope and spectacularity, can be compared only to the Moscow “Spasskaya Tower” Brass Bands Festival.

This year among the participants will be the Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the "Fiesta" drummers’ band of the Moscow Military Music School.

The festival also gathers brass bands from Korea, Singapore, Mongolia and China. Creative teams from Khabarovsk’s twin-towns will also take part in the festival. Thus, on the occasion, an official delegation from Korea, led by the Vice-Mayor of Puchon, visits Khabarovsk together with the national music band. A dance team, children chorus and official delegations from China’s Harbin, Jiamusi and Fuyuan will also come to celebrate the city’s anniversary. Sato Brothers, playing samisen, the Japanese traditional musical instrument, are expected to arrive from the Khabarovsk twin-town – Niigata as well. A rock band from the American Portland, another twin-town of Khabarovsk will also participate in the event.

The Festival Program:

May 26, 7 pm - Concert performances of the Brass Band of the Armed Forces of Singapore in Platinum Arena. (admission by ticket)

May 27, 12 pm – the First Festival Performance at Glory Square. 8 pm – the Second Festival Performance  and Firework at Glory Square. (free access)

May 28, 9pm - the Third Festival Performance and Firework at Glory Square. (free access)

May 29, 3pm – Brass Bands Parade from Lenin Square to the Cathedral Square. 4 pm – Brass Bands Performance at the Cathedral Square. (free access)

May 30 – June 1, 7 pm - Brass Bands Performance in Platinum Arena. (admission by ticket)


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