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21.11.2016 New Year Preparations in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk started to change its outfit to New Year style. City streets, parks and shops are getting decorated with bright holiday illumination and Christmas trees.

The main square of the city is going to be prepared for the New Year holidays soon as well.

A large 20 meters tall tree, composed of 192 fir-trees, will be installed there in the beginning of December.

Traditionally the Lenin Square will be decorated with ice sculptures.  This year Khabarovsk citizens and guests will enjoy the ice sculptures' composition dedicated to animals living in the forests along the Amur River.

The winter playground, located at the square, will consist of a winter children's slide, ice maze, food court and a special area for recreational activities like flash mobs, master classes and creative team’s performances.

The square is also expected to be covered with artificial snow to make it safe for walking and to avoid sliding.


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