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Khabarovsk aquarium (Amur river fish museum)

Duration: 1 hour
Place: Khabarovsk Aquarium
Description: The Museum-Aquarium was organized in 2007. It is closely connected with the work of Khabarovsk Research Fish Center. Fish museum is a 15 minute walk from the “Intourist” Hotel.
Program: The museum aquariums feature 95 species of fish, living in the Amur river basin and its estuary. You will see the most interesting of them: taimen, gray link, lenok, Amur sheat-fish, pike, kaluga (Amur sturgeon) and the Amur river endemics: Far-Asian weatherfish, snake-head, silver carp, Chinese perch, white and black Amur fish, yellowcheek. Especially interesting for those, who like fish and underwater world.