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Amur river boat ride

Duration: 1 hour

Route: Cruise from the right bank of the river to the railway bridge across the Amur (11 km long).

Description: A boat trip, on the ship "Moskva".

Program: The Amur is one of the mightiest rivers in the world. It is the second longest river in Russia. Its length is 4440 km and it is the 9th in size of river basin and the 8th longest river in the world. This river originates in Siberia and empties into the Tatar straight of the the Sea of Okhotsk. The ichtyofauna of the Amur is very rich. The Amur river has such exotics as snakehead, Chinese perch, white fish, white Amur, kaluga. During the trip one can enjoy the beauty of this great river and get insightful information about the Amur river.