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One-day trip to the Wild Animals’ Refuge

Duration: 10 hours.
Location: Wild Animals’ Refuge, near Kutuzovka village.
Description: “Utyos”, Wild Animals’ Refuge, is located not far from Kutuzovka, a village located 90 km from Khabarovsk. The refuge is a unique place where wounded and sick wild animals found their shelter. There are black and brown bears, foxes, lynx, deer and others. Some years ago a tiger cub, was seriously wounded by the poachers. Luckily the tiger was found by the hunters and brought to the refuge. The refuge workers named him Lutyi and did their best, so that the tiger could heal the wounds and since that time Lutyi is a permanent inhabitant of the refuge. Yew-trees, the very first representatives of conifers on the Earth grow in the forest, which is only 5 km from the refuge. Yew-trees life duration may reach up to 1000 years.
Program: The tour includes transportation and guiding, a short walk in the forest, tea drinking, lunch.