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One-day trip to Birobidzhan the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region

Duration: 9 hours

Location: Birobidzhan the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region   
Description: Birobidzhan is the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region. It is located 170 km to the West of Khabarovsk. The population of Birobidzhan is 80 thousand people. They are Jews, Russians, Ukranians and other nationalities. The Jewish Autonomous Region was founded in 1934. This Region was created in the same spirit as other autonomous divisions for ethnic groups in the former Soviet Union. Yiddish not Hebrew is its official national language. Today there is a school where students are taught Yiddish, Jewish Musical Theatre and Jewish Cultural Centre. Recently newly built synagogue opened its doors to the believers. “Birobidzhaner Stern”, a national newspaper, is being published both in Yiddish and Russian. The Local Lore Museum is famous for its sections dedicated to flora and fauna, culture and history of the Region. The Jewish Autonomous Region established close links with Israel and the USA as well as with China and Japan. Birobidzhan and Toyosaka (Japan) are sister cities. Today farmers from China work within the Region. Nizhne-Leninskoye village is quite near the Russian-Chinese border. It is an international transportation and tourist point from where one can go to Tongjiang (China) and from there to Harbin and other Chinese cites.

Program: Guided trip is available by appointment and includes: Birobidzan city tour, visit to the Local Lore Museum, Synagogue and lunch at Jewish cuisine restaurant.