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One-day trip to Fuyuan - China (May through the end of October)

Duration: 12 hours.
Location: Fuyuan (China).
Description: Khabarovsk is situated 42 km from the Russian-Chinese border. Fuyuan (Heilongjiang province, China) is located very close to Khabarovsk. One-day trip to Fuyuan from Khabarovsk is a chance for foreigners to visit China. It will take you an hour and half to get there by hydrofoil.
Fuyuan is the Chinese eastern-most point. Fuyuan stretches along the right bank of the Amur river and is located only 65km from Khabarovsk. The population of the city is 60 thousand people. The topography of the area is diverse: mountains and plains, forests, marshes and beautiful lakes. Wusuzhen, the Chinese eastern-most point is located 30 km from Khabarovsk. A lot of Chinese come to Wusuzhen to enjoy the astronomically earliest sunrise. To the South of Wusuzhen there is Sanjiang Wetland National Reserve. It is the place of untouched nature where one can enjoy water-foul watching. July through beginning of August you are welcome to enjoy lotus blossoming. The nearest way to go to Fuyuan is by hydrofoil from Khabarovsk. From Fuyuan tourists can go to Harbin and other Chinese cities. Harbin is located 650 km from Fuyuan. There is a nightly regular bus to Harbin from Fuyuan.
Program: Guided tour includes: hydrofoil ride from Khabarovsk to Fuyuan and back to Khabarovsk, upon arrival one will have a city tour, lunch at the Chinese cuisine restaurant. The afternoon is dedicated to shopping.
Sightseeing tours include:
· Observation point, located on Eligeshan mountain, 279m high and overlooking the mighty Amur river
· Zhengyang retail and wholesale market
· Baisiyemiao Temple
· Dalijiahu Lake
· Sturgeon hatchery and Ichthyofauna museum
· Sanjiang National Nature Reserve
· Wusuzhen village – the eastern-most point in China