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Visit to a private farm

Duration: 4 hours.
Location: Private farm, near Khabarovsk.
Description: In the former Soviet Union there used to be agricultural farms known as kolkhoz and sovkhoz. After the USSR disintegration a certain pieces of land were given to the landholders, thus many private farms were set up. At present 60% of land is used by cooperatives and agricultural enterprises. 10% of land is owned by the individual farmers, the rest belongs to the state farms. The individual farmers are mainly engaged in seed, flower and vegetable growing, cattle-breeding and bee-keeping. Visiting a private farm is a good chance for those who have some special interest in agriculture.     
Program: Guided tours are available from May through October. Tour includes: guiding, transportation, a short talk with the farm-owner about Far Eastern fruits, flowers and vegetables, walk within the farm, lunch (Russia's country style).