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Two-day trip to Tongjiang - China (Heilongjiang province)

Duration: 2 days.
Location: Tongjiang (China).
Description: Tongjiang, the “pearl” of Heilongjiang province is located on the right bank of the Sungari river. Tongijiang means “old house” in Hezhe language. It is located 120km to the South of Birobidzhan (the Administrative Center of Jewish Autonomous Region) and 270 km to the South-East of Khabarovsk. The population of Tongjiang is over 100.000 people. It is comfortably located and is connected with Harbin, Shengyang, Beijing and Hainan. Tongjiang is a multinational place where Chinese live side by side with Manchu and Hezhe people, with Mongols and Koreans. The representatives of Hui ethnic group live also there. The Hezhe is the smallest ethnic group in China. They live in Jiejinkou village, on the bank of the Amur river. In the village there is an open-air museum of Ethnography, featuring the customs and traditions of the Hezhe. Around Tongjiang there are 6 Nature Reserves where one can enjoy beautiful landscapes of North-Eastern China. Flora and Fauna of Tongjiang is very rich. Manchurian deer, wild boars, bears, wolves, roes, badgers and foxes are seen occasionally there. Various medicinal herbs – aralia, eleutherococcus, ginseng and others grow in the forest. Symbols of Tongjiang are sturgeon and salmon, soy-bean and fern. To go to Tongjiang, one should go to Fuyuan from Khabarovsk by hydrofoil and then to cover 190km by bus. All in all it will take you 4 hours to get Tongjiang from Khabarovsk.
The major sightseeing points include:
· Sanjiang Park
· Local Lore Museum
· Jiejinkou village, where the Hezhe people live and an open-air museum of ethnography
· The Buddhist Temple
· Jiejindao Nature Reserve
· Tongjiang shopping center
· Beer producing factory
· Creamery
Trip Model Itinerary
Day 1 - Departure from Khabarovsk to Fuyuan by hydrofoil.
Upon arrival to Fuyuan, depart to Tongjiang by bus, Chinese cuisine lunch at a local restaurant in Tongjiang, city tour, visit to the Buddhist Temple, visit to the Creamery, shopping, visit to Sanjiangkou park and the Local Lore Museum, visit to the Korean village. Check in. Dinner is at a local restaurant “Chinese samovar”. Sauna and massage is available by extra payment. 
Day 2 - Breakfast. Check out. Visit to Jiejinkou village. Touring the village, visit to the Hezhe house and ethnographical tourist center, lunch at a local restaurant, departure to Fuyuan. Upon arrival to Fuyuan depart to Khabarovsk by hydrofoil. Dinner is at the Khabarovsk “Intourist” restaurant.