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GISMETEO: Погода по г.Хабаровск

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Volochaevka Village + Voronezh Recreational Center

Duration: 6 hours.
Location: Volochaevka (30 km to the West of Khabarovsk), Voronezh.
Description: You will have a chance to see: the world famous bridge across the Amur, the part of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the small Russian village “Volochaevka”, where the decisive battle of the Civil war took place in February 1922. The bridge was constructed in 1916, as a railway bridge that carried the Trans-Siberian Railway across the Amur River near the city ofKhabarovsk. Measuring some 2,590 meters (about 8,500 feet) in length, the structure remained the longest bridge in Imperial RussiaSoviet Union and Asia for decades. The cost of the bridge was fabulous-13,500,000 Russian rubles and it was ready in 26 months.

Basic information:. Guided tours are available all year round.

Program: One-way train ride to Volochaevka village, then return to Khabarovsk by bus, we make a stop at Voronezh Recreational Centre, have a walk there and Russian-style lunch.